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Maire Jacobs

Political Science

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Hello! My name is Maire, and I am an experienced, TEFL certified, native English speaker with over two years of experience teaching English to students of many different ages, backgrounds, and levels of proficiency. I currently live and teach in Hanoi, Vietnam, but I have also taught English in Finland and in The Netherlands. I’m a strong public speaker and hold a C2 English qualification according to CEFR. I am very enthusiastic about travelling, exploring new cultures and meeting new people, which is why I Love teaching as it allows me to do all of these things. I have always been involved with teaching as I come from a long line of teachers, with parents and grandparents being qualified teachers.
I know that learning a new language can be frustrating sometimes, and that it's important to have a good teacher to guide you. My approach is to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where my students feel confident to speak.
My lessons are always customised to my students’ needs and I always use different materials and teaching approaches to keep my students engaged and excited about what they're learning. Language learning should above all be fun and enjoyable, as well as being functional rather than purely based on books and endless repetition.

Book a lesson with me and tell me what your goals and reasons are. Together we will create a plan of study to improve your English as quickly as possible. See you!

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