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Matthew James

Political Science

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Hello, my name's Matthew, I'm a native English speaker from London, UK. I currently teach English in Hanoi, Vietnam. But in the past I have also worked at a language school, a primary school, and I have extensive tutoring experience teaching English both online and in person. During which, I have taught English learners of all ages and abilities.  

My classes are well-planned and student centered as well as educative and interesting. I always strive to incorporate technology, using pictures, video and audio in an inclusive and interactive way for my classes to engage my students.

My teaching style is relaxed and encouraging. I like my students to be in a relaxed environment where they can speak confidently and enjoy every moment in their classes as enjoyment is a key to learning.

Whatever you want, I can help you. If you need to improve your speaking, reading, writing, whatever it is, we can work on it together. I hope to see you soon.


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