Matthew James

 A native English speaker from London, UK.

My name's Matthew. I have extensive tutoring experience teaching english both online and in person. My teaching style is relaxed and encouraging. I like my students to be in a relaxed environment where they can speak confidently and enjoy every moment in their classes.

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Matthew James

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About Me

Hello, my name's Matthew, I'm a native English speaker from London, UK. I currently teach English in Hanoi, Vietnam. But in the past I have also worked at a language school, a primary school, and I have extensive tutoring experience teaching English both online and in person. During which, I have taught English learners of all ages and abilities.  

My classes are well-planned and student centered as well as educative and interesting. I always strive to incorporate technology, using pictures, video and audio in an inclusive and interactive way for my classes to engage my students.

My teaching style is relaxed and encouraging. I like my students to be in a relaxed environment where they can speak confidently and enjoy every moment in their classes as enjoyment is a key to learning.

Whatever you want, I can help you. If you need to improve your speaking, reading, writing, whatever it is, we can work on it together. I hope to see you soon.


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Apollo Junior Centre                              

CELTA - 120 hours – PASS

•   120 hours of teaching training

•   Completed 6 hours (8 lessons) of observed and assessed teaching practice, at Intermediate and elementary levels.

•   Observed experienced teachers at different levels for a total of 6 hours

•   Completed 4 practical written assignments

•   Attended 50 hours of input

•   Independently designed and implemented effective lesson plans

Taught various types of lessons (Receptive, Productive and systems based) 

2014 - Present

Open University                                      

Bachelor of science, Environmental science           

2003 - 2005

Uxbridge College                                                    

A-Levels: English literature, Politics, and History

1997 - 2002


Haydon School                                                       

GCSEs: (7 Grade A-C) including Maths, English and the Sciences

Food safety and Hygiene Level 2

First aid trained (office)


Kinh Nghiệm Làm Việc


2017 – 2018

Private English tutor

Private English teacher. Specialising in high school - university. Often TOEFL and IELTS exam preparation.


English teacher  - Apollo Junior Centre

•   Teaching English for young students

•   Evaluation of student’s work and assignments 

2015 - 2017

Sunrise Senior Living, Chorleywood , U.K - chef de partie

•   Worked in the kitchen of a large, private care home

•   Prepared, cooked and served breakfast lunch and dinner

•   Managed kitchen assistant, ensuring a

•   Completed Food safety and Hygiene Level 2 course.  



Seasons Hotel, Newman, Western Australia - chef de partie

•   Ran the cold section of the kitchen in a 4 star hotel

•   Responsible for preparation and plating of all starters during busy a la carte service

2007 – 2010

Burger King UK ltd, Head office, Slough, U.K - Facilities manager

•   Managed day to day running of the head office, providing support to all colleagues

•   Built strong working relationships with colleagues and suppliers

•   Carried out weekly, monthly and yearly Health & Safety checks.

•   Managed reception staff and security staff

•   Managed office relocation which involved the co-ordination of a removal of 60 work terminals, equipment and furniture to new office premises. For my work in this role I received the ‘BK pillar of success award’.

2005 – 2006

Reed Employment (Temporary Assignments)        

•   Worked for a variety of companies completing temporary

2006 – 2007

The Coy Carp, Harefield, U.K                                     

•   Summer job working as a waiter and assisting in the kitchen


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